Answer for all your questions


Yes, students in the process of completing their final year of undergraduate studies can join our courses. QIAMS offers one set of classes in the mornings and one set of classes in the afternoons. Another batch may be scheduled for the weekend (or for some weekdays and on one day of the weekend) when there are sufficient candidates.
Internships have been integrated into the courses at QIAMS. QIAMS will thus arrange for internships, which students will have to undergo towards the end of their courses. These internships will help students gain valuable experience in the media industry.
Our courses are practice-oriented, which means that students will practice everything that they learn. QIAMS has a TV studio, Production Control Room, Audio Lab, Mac Editing Lab, and Multimedia lab, all of which are equipped with the latest technology and software. Students will thus have the chance to become aware of the latest media production techniques used in the industry today.
The courses at QIAMS cover almost all the different sectors of the media industry today. Thus, students will have ample opportunities, especially given that the industry is one of the biggest and fast-expanding industries today. Moreover, regardless of which course students choose to pursue at QIAMS, they will receive exposure to the other Elective subjects/technology being taught at QIAMS. This will ensure that the job opportunities available to them are not restricted by the course they choose–they will have sufficient expertise and knowledge to enter other sectors of the media industry as well. It is almost impossible to list all of the job opportunities for QIAMS students. Here is a very small sample: a) Convergent Journalism and Mass Communication: Reporter/Editor in the Print, Broadcast, and Online Media Industries; Photo Journalist; Ad Writer/Designer; Newsroom/Project Manager; Public Relations Manager b) Visual Communication: Photojournalist; Graphic designer (freelance or for an employer); Art/Creative Director; Print Production Artist; Web Designer; Marketing Designer/Director; Illustrator; Communications Manager; Visual Artist c) Development Communication: Reporter/Editor in the Print, Broadcast, and Online Media Industries; Media and Communications Manager/Coordinator for NGOs; Public Relations Manager; Fundraising Coordinator d) Non-Linear Editing: Videographer/Video Editor; Media Coordinator; Creative Services Producer; Photojournalist; Multimedia Journalist e) TV Reporting and Anchoring: TV News Reporter; TV Anchor; Filmmaker; Scriptwriter f) Content Writing and Translation: Reporter and Editor (both Print and Online Media); Ad Writer; Translator (from English to Tamil and Vice-Versa) g) Photography and Videography: Photojournalist; Freelance photographer (all fields—e.g. wildlife, food photography); Video Editor h) Digital Journalism: Reporter/Editor in the Print, Broadcast, and Online Media Industries; Photo Journalist; Newsroom/Project Manager; Videographer/Video Editor
QIAMS has intentionally not sought affiliation with any university. This is because QIAMS does not want to compromise its independence, which is essential to producing media training that is modern and career-oriented. The decision to stay independent was taken after the renowned academicians and media professionals on QIAMS’s advisory board unanimously agreed that QIAMS shall function independently to offer need based skill oriented specialization courses. QIAMS has made arrangements to collaborate closely with several media and academic organizations, such as Doordarshan, and Central Universities. Doordarshan has already agreed to provide Internship to our students.
QIAMS has attempted to ensure that the needs of everyone who enrolls at the academy are met. For this purpose, QIAMS offers one set of classes in the mornings (Section A) and one set of classes in the afternoons (Section B). The classes in the mornings are between 8:00 a.m. and 12:30 a.m. and the classes in the afternoons are between 2:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. Another batch is scheduled for the weekend (Section C). Those want classes on weekends should contact the Registrar.
QIAMS will address all requests for financial assistance and scholarships on a case-by-case basis. Candidates seeking financial assistance and scholarships must provide a letter from their parents or guardians detailing the reasons for requesting financial assistance. QIAMS may require documents supporting the claims made in the letter. Note: QIAMS is a not-for-profit media organization that is keen on seeing people from all walks of life and all sections of society enter the media industry. Thus, the fees for the courses at QIAMS are significantly lower than the fees charged by other media and journalism institutions.