Mr. Datuk Seri Mohamed Iqbal Rawther

Dawood Miakhan

Datuk Seri Haji Mohamed Iqbal Bin Kuppa Pitchai Rawther has been Executive Deputy Chairman of the Board of Farlim Group (Malaysia) Berhad since April 23, 2015.

He obtained a Certificate in Education from the University of Birmingham in 1964. Then he obtained his Bachelor of Economics Degree (Honours) and a Masters Degree in Business Administration in 1971 and 1973 respectively, both from the University of Malaya. He then furthered his studies and obtained the International Management Teacher’s Program certificate from the joint program organized by the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration and the Centre D’ Enseignment Superior Des Affairs, Paris, France in 1978.

Currently, he is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Bankers, London, and a Fellow Executive of the Malaysian Institute of Management. He started his career with the Ministry of Education from 1965 to 1969. During this period, he also served as the National Education Officer of the National Union of Teaching Professionals.

In 1971, he joined Malaysian International Merchant Bank Berhad as Corporate Finance Officer during which he pioneered leasing and produced a research volume on “Leasing in Malaysia” before leaving in 1974. In 1974 when the University of Malaya implemented the policy of using Bahasa Malaysia for tertiary education, he responded to a call from the University and joined the Faculty of Economics and Administration as a lecturer.

Among his many achievements include being awarded the Sir Frederick Gallahan Memorial Award by the Australian-Malaysian Association of Australia in 1976 in recognition of his entrepreneurial management in Malaysia. Also, a team led by him to promote entrepreneurial management in Malaysia won the Malaysian Young Managers Competition in 1997 and subsequently, the Asian Young Managers Competition in the same year. When Bank Negara Malaysia set up the Institute of Bankers in 1979, he took up the appointment as Executive Director. He is co-founder of the Farlim Group, a property development company that is the recipient of the Malaysian Prime Minister’s Quality Award and which has delivered 30,000 housing units in Malaysia. Over the course of his career, he has also worked to upscale and improve the finances of hospitals, religious affairs councils and Muslim business agencies.

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